Following on from the titles I reported on a few weeks ago, I’m pleased to report that a whole new batch of obscure delights have been released onto Amazon’s subscription Prime Video service in the UK.

fearlessFirst up, the range of Italian cop thrillers of the 60s & 70s – known as Poliziotteschi – has been extended: Il giorno della civetta (1969, here under the title “Day of the Owl”), Poliziotto senza paura (1978, as “Fearless Fuzz”), Colpo in Canna (1975, as “Loaded Guns”), La polizia è sconfitta (1977, as “Stunt Squad”), Vai Gorilla (1975, as “Hired Gun”), Il poliziotto è marcio (1974, as “Shoot First, Die Later”) and many more. Many titles are amongst the best the genre has to offer, with top talent such as directors Fernando di Leo, Sergio Martino and Umberto Lenzi and actors including Maurizio Merli, Luc Meranda, Fabio Testi, Claudia Cardinale and Joan Collins(!).

watchoutAlso added is what appears to be the almost complete filmography of Bud Spencer and Terence Hill – both together, as in classics such as Watch Out, We’re Mad (1974) and Miami Supercops (1985) – and in a number of individual films.

I’m assuming that Amazon is picking these obscure titles up in batches offered by rights holders who are trying to maximise returns on select titles they have released on disc (or plan to), given that the prints are generally decent and in some cases, actually in HD.

kittenSome evidence for this is the number of exploitation titles which appear to have been licensed from Vineger Syndrome – a US based DVD/Bluray company. Included in this group of titles are 60s & 70s softcore/roughy/exploitation films such as Diamond Stud (1970), Kitten in a Cage (1968), Sometimes Aunt Martha Does Dreadful Things (1971), Supersoul Brother (1978), Fleshpot on 42nd Street (1972), Damaged Goods (1961) and Girl in Trouble (1968). A number of these titles were previously released by Something Weird and I assume these are the same transfers. Andy Milligan on Amazon Prime, who could’ve dreamed that up!

A couple of giallos have also been added: Sergio Pastore’s Crimes of the Black Cat(1972) and Duccio Tessari’s The Bloodstained Butterfly(1971)bloodstained

And finally, to wrap up with some various other “gems” I noticed while browsing the “recently released” lists (the only way to find these things, good luck finding them in the top menus of on any of the apps): Albert Pyun’s cyperpunk thriller Nemesis, Ruggero Deodato’s Raiders of Atlantis, the HK Moon Lee-led all-female actioner Avenging Quartet and the modern day Mondo film The Killing of America.

All-in-all a pretty amazing bunch of films for lovers of the bizarre and obscure. Long may this continue.